September 19, 2014

Arrests for Victor Jara's Murder Made in Chile 41 Years After Chilean Coup

The September 11th, 1973 Chilean coup is active in many memories this September, as last week three more soldiers accused of folk singer and activist Victor Jara’s murder were arrested.

Jara was a victim of the military regime, and while several of those accused of his assassination have been arrested, the man accused of pulling the trigger has not. Pedro Barrientos was last known to be residing in Florida, and has not been arrested because the U.S. government has not acted on the extradition request issued by the Chilean Supreme Court last year.

Remembering Victor Jara and bringing his murderers to justice has been a priority of the SOA Watch. The SOA Watch has been pressuring the U.S. Department of Justice to extradite Barrientos so he can stand trial in Chile.

Bridget Bergin

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