September 19, 2014

President Abbas Prepares Proposal For UN General Assembly

President Mahmoud Abbas is prepared for negotiations with Israel, according to Nabil el-Araby, Secretary-General of the Arab League. Abbas’ plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was presented on September 3rd, 2014, and he is preparing to present his speech during the general debate at the UN General Assembly on September 24th, 2014. The plan includes peace talks with Israel that will hopefully lead to a full withdrawal of Israelis to the border established in 1967 and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. Abbas asked French President Hollande to recognize a Palestinian state and the Arab League has given Abbas’ proposal full support.

If peace talks with Israel fail, however, Abbas plans to ask the UN Security Council to get involved and perhaps replace the U.S. as the primary mediator. While Abbas is prepared for negotiations, tensions are mounting between Fatah and Hamas. Abbas has warned that Hamas must accept one Palestinian government, while Hamas leaders accuse Abbas of not being involved enough with Gaza. 

Abbas will give his first public speech to a general American audience of faith leaders, students, and public. In discussing his views on a future Palestinian state and peace between Palestine and Israel, President Abbas is expected to cover his views on how peace and inter-religious co-existence can flourish in Israel and Palestine with the help of the next generation, why non-violent protest is the best method by which Palestinians should seek their rights, and why terrorism as practiced by Al Qaeda on 9/11 and ISIS is inconsistent with Islam. Abbas will speak Monday, September 22nd at The Cooper Union in New York City. 

Bridget Bergin

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