September 26, 2014

President Obama's Presidential Memorandum Calls for Action to Defend Civil Societies Around the World

President Obama's Presidential Memorandum to U.S. agencies engaged abroad, released September 23rd, calls for agencies to defend the civil societies abroad. His Memorandum suggested several ways of doing so, including the launch of "Regional Civil Society Innovation Centers," an initiative to connect civil society organizations around the globe to other partners and resources through both virtual and physical platforms. Additionally, efforts to partner with both public and private institutions and to consult with civil society organizations are among the ways the Obama Administration plans to expand and enhance civil society in the world.

More specifically, to advance the goals of Obama's 2013 Stand With Civil Society directive, he has announced plans to provide funding for the Community of Democracies, to support CD-UNITED (Using New Investments to Empower Democracy), to expand LEEP (Legal Enabling Environment Program), to coordinate with the OGP (Open Government Partnership) to support civic participation, to consult with civil society through public and private consultations with civil society organizations, to enhance efforts with other governments and intergovernmental bodies, to expand assistance to Lifeline: Embattled CSOs Assistance Fund, to develop the next generation of civil society through the establishment of an Asian Civil Society and Non-Profit Management Curriculum program, and to partner with the Emerging Global Leaders Initiative: Atlas Corps Fellows.

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