December 13, 2014

CANADA: Sights and sounds from the Nov 30th “We’re Still Here” Event

November 30, 2014 marked five years since KAIROS got word that their CIDA funding had suddenly and unexpectedly come to an end. But KAIROS is still here - so we had a party! Several, in fact: a big one in Toronto and house parties across Canada.

You’ll see from the sights and sounds in our Storify below that this was an event with a global reach. The flood of solidarity videos and messages from KAIROS partners north and south was exciting, humbling and inspiring, all at the same time. And one, from Rick Mercer, was funny as well!

They remind us that KAIROS is still here because mining injustice, the exclusion of Indigenous peoples, climate change, gender inequality and racism are still here. Our work is not done, so we’re not going away!

For photos, videos, and tweets from the event, click here.

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