April 4, 2015

ACTION ALERT: Call for a Faithful Budget

NETWORK released a statement outlining the House budget's major flaws, as well as analysis and recommendations on how to move forward. The Senate budget proposal is just as bad as the House proposal. Both budgets provide billions in increased funding to military Overseas Contingency Operations with no proposed increase in revenue to pay for this. This means, the only source of money Congress could use to pay the tab is further cuts to human needs programs! Both the House and Senate are proposing drastic changes such as slashing nutrition programs, block-granting Medicaid, and turning Medicare into a voucher program. I am not exaggerating when I say people will die if these proposed budget changes go into effect.

On April 13, the House and Senate will return to work from the Easter and Passover recess. They will then work together to combine their proposals into a Joint Resolution. During the recess, many members of Congress will likely be reflecting on the values of their faith traditions. Now is the time to reinforce faith values of healing and feeding people, following the law of compassion, and loving our neighbors. These are the necessary components of a Faithful Budget.

Call the state office of each of your senators at 1-888-496-3502, and urge them to change the content and direction of the budget as they begin to work on the Joint Resolution. Ask them to vote "NO" on any final budget that would cut human needs programs to fund Overseas Contingency Operations.

Here's what you might say when you call: Hi, I'm ___________ (full name) from _____________ (city, state). I am part of _________ (congregation/civic group) and the NETWORK Catholic Social Justice community. During the Easter and Passover congressional recess, I want my senator to reflect on the faith values of compassion and justice. Please think about how these faith values should inform and transform the current Senate budget proposal. I want my senator to advocate for a Faithful Budget, rather than the current immoral proposal that will draw funding from human needs programs to pay for military Overseas Contingency Operations.

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