April 19, 2015

Action Alert: Speak Out Against Unfair Trade

Now is the time to speak out against Fast Track. The Fair Trade Project needs your voice and businesses, like Starbucks, to speak out on behalf of small-scale farmers and working families

Fast Track gives the President authority to negotiate and sign NAFA-like “free” trade agreements without a full debate in Congress or constituent input.

Despite a history of broad opposition, some members of Congress, under the influence of corporate lobbyists, are gearing up to introduce Fast Track again this week.

In response, Fair World Project has joined other organizations around the country and globe, endorsing the National Day of Action Against Fast Track and the Global Day of Action Against Unfair Trade on April 18, 2015.

If you have not yet written to your representatives in Congress, it's not too late. Let them know you want fair trade not free trade!

Find or organize an event in your community! Congress needs to hear from you but they also need to see you in the streets and this is a great way to raise awareness in your community about what is happening and how these agreements will affect all of us. You can also register your event globally.

Congress has the power to vote for or against Fast Track, but much of the pressure to negotiate these free trade agreements comes from multi-national companies and their corporate lobbyists who are interested in making trade more profitable to their own company, no matter the cost to farmers, workers, and small businesses. For this reason, we also need more businesses to step up and oppose Fast Track. Companies like Starbucks, with a commitment to fair trade, should take a public stand. Tell Starbucks to oppose Fast Track and insist on fair trade products and policies.

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