April 19, 2015

Soaw Delegation To Mexico June 2015

From June 21 to July 1, 2015, a SOA Watch delegation will travel to Mexico to explore firsthand the impacts of Plan Merida and the US financing of the Mexican security forces. 

We will meet with family members of victims of state violence, organizations working for justice and human rights, journalists tracking military human rights abuses, and social movements seeking to create alternatives and dignity in the face of intense repression. 

 We will also look at the underlying US interests in in Mexico as well as communities organizing to defend their land and natural resources. Click here for more on the delegation. 

 Interested in joining us? Contact for an application. Can't join us but want to support the delegation and SOA Watch's work to challenge US financing of repression and death in Mexico? Click here to make a donation to our Scholarship Fund to enable those who wouldn't otherwise be able to join the delegation to do so.

The Mexico Delegation Scholarship Fund will be used to involve young leaders and those on the frontlines of struggles against militarization and for dignity and justice to join us on the delegation to learn firsthand the reality in Mexico and build cross-country bridges to strengthen organizing for justice and peace. Donate to the Scholarship Fund here.

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