May 31, 2015

CANADA: Federal Election Resource

2015 is a federal election year. As such, it is a time that Canadians are invited to reflect on their values, their priorities, and the kind of country they would like to live in.

As we always do in an election year, CPJ is preparing an Election Bulletin (due out early September) that includes a public justice analysis, as well as policy recommendations and questions for candidates on our priority issues: poverty elimination, climate justice, and refugee rights.

We know, though, that Canadian Christians are concerned about a wider range of social justice issues. We have therefore collaborated with the Canadian Council of Churches, KAIROS, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Project Ploughshares, the Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada, and the Church Council on Justice and Corrections on an ecumenical “Federal Election Resource.” In addition to our three priority areas, this joint bulletin addresses criminal justice, indigenous rights, physician-assisted death, international aid, agriculture, arms, Canadian corporate respect for human rights, and Canada’s military mission in Iraq and Syria.

These seven groups are the leading ecumenical and justice charities in Canada. Together, we are working for unity, justice, and dignity for all.

Download Federal Election Resource as a PDF or contact the Canadian Council for Churches to order print copies.

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