May 14, 2015

KAIROS: Stellar Line-Up Opens Time for Reconciliation KAIROS Gathering

How appropriate is it to begin our Time for Reconciliation KAIROS Gathering on Friday, May 29 with a residential school survivor, a TRC commissioner, and a dynamic young Indigenous artist who is committed to creating space for Indigenous people to express themselves creatively?

Mike Cachagee is the former president of the National Residential School Survivors Society. He was instrumental in the movement that led to the Indian Residential School (IRS) Settlement Agreement, which called for the TRC. Mike has a degree in political science and over 20 years experience as a chief, lead land claim negotiator and political advisor. At the gathering on May 29, he will advise us on the process of reconciliation.

Marie Wilson has been a Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner for 6 years. She has listened to thousands of hours of testimony and truth-telling. In a recent speech at Dawson College, she spoke of those who pushed for a truth-telling forum: “They wanted an opportunity to be heard, to be heard and to be documented and to never again be forgotten or denied.” A university lecturer and award winning journalist, Commissioner Wilson believes it is the responsibility of all Canadians to ensure that IRS students are never again forgotten or silenced.

The panel will end with a performance by Jah’Kota, who won first place at the Ottawa summer solstice festival in 2013. Jah’Kota’s passion is to spread truth, love, and well-being with words and music, and to inspire young Indigenous people to find their genius! His Un1ty Entertainment provides a creative environment for Indigenous people to express themselves and their heritage through all forms of art, music, and fashion.

View complete program that includes 24 speakers and 18 workshops, from May 29 to June 3... and join us!

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