May 31, 2015

SOCIAL MEDIA ACTION: Amplify Monday's Wendy's Shareholder Meeting Protest!

Over the past few years, Fair Food allies from across the nation have joined farmworkers for massive, creative demonstrations outside Wendy’s Annual Shareholder Meetings. This Monday, as Wendy’s executives and shareholders make their way into the 2015 meeting at the company’s corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, CIW and Ohio Fair Food are gearing up to greet them with a powerful message, making it clear that the Fair Food Nation will continue putting the pressure squarely on Wendy’s until they commit to a program that is guaranteeing rights, respect and fair wages for tens of thousands of farmworkers in Florida and beyond.

Those who aren’t able to join in-person for the shareholder meeting action this year can add their voice to the growing call for farmworker justice by taking action on social media, urging Wendy’s to reevaluate its position and join the Fair Food Program.

Here are some sample posts to send out in the lead-up to Wendy’s Shareholder Meeting on Monday:

.@Wendys, your participation in the @FairFoodProgram is long overdue! Support #humanrights in your supply chain!

The #FairFoodNation wants to know, @Wendys! When will you sign a #FairFood Agreement w/ @ciw?

#FairFood allies nationwide call on @Wendys execs to commit the final fast food holdout to join @FairFoodProgram!

Live up to your values, @Wendys! Come to the table w/ @ciw and join the @FairFoodProgram!

Don’t forget to tag @Wendys directly in your posts, and use the #FairFoodNation hashtag whenever possible so Wendy’s hears the message loud and clear! And be sure to head over to the CIW website for a play-by-play on past CIW actions at Wendy’s Annual Shareholder Meetings – and what’s in store for the burger giant early next week!

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