June 13, 2015

ACTION ALERT: Stand for Palestinian Children

In the past decade thousands of Palestinian children have been arrested, detained and subjected to ill-treatment by Israeli security forces.

According to the New York Times two Palestinian boys, Ahmad Zaatari, 7 and Mohammed Zaatari, 12, were accused of throwing stones at an Israeli bus and then detained by Israeli security officials on April 28th. Security officials waited three hours before telling Ahmad and Mohammed’s parents where the boys were being held. It was another four hours before a terrified and hungry 7 year old Ahmad was released to his family. 12 year old Mohammed was held overnight and appeared in court the next day where he was charged with rock throwing and ordered to stay away from Jerusalem for three days.

Tell Congress you expect Israel to respect and protect the rights of ALL children, Palestinian and Israeli, under their control.

Click here to urge your members of Congress to join Representative Betty McCollum in signing the letter to Secretary of State John Kerry asking the State Department to make the human rights of Palestinian children a priority in the United States’ relationship with Israel.

We must become and remain engaged; contacting your member of Congress is what you can do today!

In February UNICEF shared the details of their ongoing dialogue with Israeli authorities about the rights of children in military detention. Dialogue is a positive first step, however as long as Palestinian children continue to be arrested and detained by an Israeli military system that violates their basic human rights more must be done.

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