June 29, 2015

CALL TO ACTION: Contact the Department of Justice Regarding the Torture Reports

The Department of Justice continues to insist that nothing in the Torture Report warrants re-opening the criminal investigation into torture, despite having told a court, in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, that the Department hasn't even opened its copy of the full report from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Since the Department can't have read the full Torture Report without opening it, we can only assume that the Department now has psychic powers to eliminate the need for evidence. As thrilling as that news is, though, we're afraid they missed on this one, since the Torture Report seems to contain incontrovertible proof of criminal acts (medically unnecessary rectal feedings, waterboarding, confinement boxes, a detainee left to die of hypothermia, detainees threatened with sexual assault...).

Friday was the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Please commemorate this day by calling the Department of Justice at 202-514-2001 (and then press 1) and asking them read the Torture Report and re-open the criminal investigation into torture. Alternatively, you can email the Department.

Thank you for encouraging the Department of Justice to do its job by reading the Torture Report.

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