June 29, 2015

Sign a Letter of Support for Papal Encyclical

On Thursday, June 18th, the Vatican released the 184 page papal encyclical on climate change. A papal encyclical is a teaching document in the form of a letter from the pope that discusses a wrong that needs to be addressed. This is very significant for the Catholic church. It is also significant for Christians and all people of faith as it raises the profile of our moral obligation to address climate injustice.

Pope Francis chose as his name that of Saint Francis of Assisi who was dedicated to the poor and founded the Franciscan Order to continue his work of service to poor and oppressed people. Saint Francis is also honored for his special respect for and closeness to nature, especially animals.

Dan Misleh of Catholic Climate Covenant is headed to Rome and will be delivering a letter of support to Pope Francis from Americans for his encyclical on climate.

Disciples are invited to add our names to this letter by June 30, 2015.

"To His Holiness Pope Francis

I am deeply moved by your encyclical on ecology, Laudato Si. Your leadership gives me and millions of people around the world hope. In these times of urgency and need, calling the world to act can make a difference, and I appreciate you for doing just that.

The encyclical and your moral authority help protect the people and places we love. I stand with you in the belief that climate change is a moral issue. I believe that acting on climate change shows compassion and wisdom. I thank you for sharing this message with the world."

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