June 29, 2015

UPCOMING: General Assembly Justice Learning Tracks

The justice learning community is intended to help see the world through another's eyes. Today, Native Americans, First Nations and Alaska Natives are experiencing a level of poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence and Native Youth suicide due to racism at a rate that continues to increase. Disciples now have a historic opportunity to begin turning this tragedy around as we continue to embrace our pro-reconciliation/anti-racism mission priority. The Sacred Hoop congregation in Oklahoma invites participants to join the conversation on Wednesday morning (GCC E162A) to follow up on the 2013 call for study (GA 1324) of the Doctrine of Discovery and learn more. Read Bill Running Wolf's blog post

Other workshops in the justice track include another study document from 2013 - Incarceration, Justice and Restoration in the United States (GA 1323) in addition to creation care, human trafficking, hunger and poverty, refugee issues and more over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday.

There is still time to register. Learning communities, meals and events, and amazing worship will begin Saturday night, July 18 as we prepare to SOAR!

You will especially want to be present Monday morning for the launch of Mission First!, a pilot project for Disciples to focus on God's call.

Register now!

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