July 2, 2015

ACTION ALERT: Tell DOL To Give Workers The Pay They Deserve

It feels good to be promoted to supervisor. But not if you're paid an annual salary of $24,000 and expected to work 50 hours a week — without any overtime pay.

 Millions of women are working long hours for little pay, sacrificing time with their families and struggling to make ends meet. But outdated regulations deny them the overtime protections they deserve.

 The Department of Labor just released a proposed rule that would extend overtime protections to millions of workers. This is a huge step toward fair pay for women — now it's up to us to show our support.

 Right now, overtime protections do not apply to managerial or professional workers who make more than $23,660 per year — less than the poverty threshold for a family of four. The proposed regulation would raise the threshold to $50,440, which would give millions more workers who earn this amount or less each year — disproportionately women — the overtime protections they deserve.

 Congress has raised the salary threshold just once since 1975. If it had kept pace with inflation since 1975, it would now be at about $52,000 a year. This rule is long overdue and is an important step toward economic security for women and their families.

  Send a message to DOL: ensure that workers are fairly compensated for the hours they work.

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