July 5, 2015

JOB OPENING: Legislative Associate for Domestic Policy

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) is seeking a Legislative Associate for Domestic Policy. The Legislative Associate advocates for federal policy change and develops tools to promote FCNL’s vision of social justice.

The Legislative Associate for Domestic Policy will focus on issues of economic and social justice in the U.S., guided by FCNL’s legislative policies, "The World We Seek," and by the priorities selected each two years by our General Committee. In our mission statement, we say that “we seek a society with equity and justice for all” and “we seek a community where every person’s potential may be fulfilled.” These two statements lead us into our work on mass incarceration, racial justice, income inequality, poverty, employment, housing, health care and many critical elements that sustain individual, family, and community life.

We’re looking for a skillful lobbyist, strategist, creative thinker, solid analyst and persuasive writer who will build on and lead our effective program. The Legislative Associate for Domestic Policy will help us design, expand, and implement change strategies to move federal domestic policies toward the vision we see and seek. This person will work comfortably in coalition and staff teams, and will communicate frequently and easily with colleagues. The person in this position will report to the Legislative Director, and will work closely with our staff of lobbyists and other professionals, associates, and assistants.

For information on applying, click here.

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