October 18, 2015

CANADA: "Chew On This" Anti-Poverty Campaign

Despite urging from Committees in the House of Commons, the Senate and the United Nations, Canada has no federal plan on poverty. We have no strategy in place to prevent the systemic causes of poverty for the almost 900,000 people in Canada who visit a food bank each month.


Over the past 5 years, Dignity for All has garnered support from 15,000 people in Canada who believe it is time for the Federal Government to step up and take responsibility for this country’s impoverished populations.

With the input of people in poverty, faith groups, organizations, academics and others, Dignity for All has created a model national-anti poverty plan.

This collaborative document gives a model for what Canada’s national anti-poverty plan could look like. Together, we’ve done the work. #WeNeedAplan. And we have a plan.

We believe that the federal government can have a plan too. This October, we want to make sure every candidate knows that their constituents care about poverty. We want every policy maker to know that there is a model plan that they can use to act on poverty eradication.

Help us spread the message by sharing the DfA model plan on twitter, Facebook or through email to your friends and local candidates.

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