October 25, 2015

Clean Power: Statement by Creation Justice Ministries

As Christians, we are acutely aware of the threats posed by a changing climate. Already, we have seen rising floodwaters, severe droughts, relentless wildfires, disrupted access to food, harsher storms, higher rates of asthma, and increased vector-borne diseases. Climate change is most harmful to the vulnerable among us: people living in poverty, communities of color, older adults, children, and people living in countries least responsible for contributing to climate change.

Faith communities are on the front lines of providing relief to communities bearing the unequal burden of climate change. Now that the final version of the Clean Power Plan is released, our nation has a new opportunity to prevent suffering by limiting a major contributor to climate change: carbon pollution.

We urge every state to create a strong and effective state implementation plan that successfully meets carbon reduction targets --- without shifting any costs to impoverished communities. Each state should meaningfully engage as stakeholders in decision-making processes the people whose health and livelihoods will be most impacted by the shifting energy landscape. In particular, we encourage states to implement renewable energy projects that will meet state carbon reduction goals while generating new jobs for working families.

The Clean Power Plan recognizes the diversity of energy landscapes in the United States, giving each state an opportunity to account for the local economy as well as local eco-systems. As a nation, this is our chance to rise to the challenge. The challenge is truly immense, but so is our faith in humanity’s God-given capacity to innovate and organize for a better future. God’s creation is sacred, and we are called to responsibly steward the gifts of creation while protecting our vulnerable neighbors.

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