October 29, 2015

GET INVOLVED: Middle East Initiative

Global Ministries launched the Middle East Initiative this summer at the United Church of Christ General Synod and the Disciples of Christ General Assembly. Through highlighting aspects of mission and partnership, the Initiative offers an opportunity for the church to become familiar with the range of denominational partners in the region and the issues they face and the context in which they face them; how each of us as members of North American churches can become active in education and advocacy, as well as support the various programs and witness of partners in the region; and to learn about ways that the UCC and Disciples continue to build on an already-lasting history of engagement.

The whole church can draw on various resources and tools, including VBS materials, Webinars, Bible Studies and more, so that greater familiarity with the Middle East is possible, including the long legacy of Christian presence there.

If you have questions about how your congregation can participate in this exciting initiative, or would like to request materials – email

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