October 18, 2015

Join Us for a Webinar on Syrian Refugees

Over the last two years we've watched two dramatic mass migrations and humanitarian crisis with the Central American Refugees fleeing endemic and targeted violence and Syrian Refugees facing civil war and political persecution.

Join us on October 19th at 4 PM ET on a Webinar to learn more about how you can advocate for the U.S. to increase the amount of Syrian refugees we resettle and defend our resettlement policies from those who are discriminating against Muslims or trying to decrease the cap on refugees resettled.

At the same time we will also focus on the crisis for Central American refugees who have fled still rampant state and organized criminal violence. The violence has continued or gotten worse, yet it is harder for children and families to reach the U.S. Likewise, due process challenges and detention has eroded asylum protections for Central American children and families escaping extreme violence. Find out more how you can help advocate for the Central American refugees on this webinar.

Interfaith Immigration Webinar: Responding to Humanitarian Crises: Syrian Refugees and Central American Refugees

Monday, October 19th at 4 PM ET


Audio:Call In Number: 805-399-1000, Code 104402

Visual: The link for the visual portion is

Speakers: Daniella Burgi-Palomino, Latin American Working Group

Jen Smyers, Church World Service

Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley, Refugee & Immigration Ministries

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

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