October 29, 2015

Minnesotans Say 'No Thanks' to Private Prison Company

Like many states in the "tough on crime" era, Minnesota is struggling to reduce overcrowding in its prisons and jails. For now, the state's government is paying counties to house over 500 incarcerated people that its prisons can't hold. Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the notorious private prison operator, says they have a long-term solution for Minnesota.

But Minnesotans, backed by the criminal justice reform movement sweeping the country, are responding with "No thanks!"

CCA wants to reopen the shuttered Prairie Correctional Facility in Appleton, MN, and lease space to the state. They deny they're lobbying in Minnesota, but a politically connected lobbying firm, Goff Public Affairs, is pushing state officials to reopen the prison. That would be a costly mistake for both moral and economic reasons.

Read the full article by Donald Cohen here.

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