October 8, 2015

UPCOMING EVENT: Student Christian Movement USA Fall Planning Event

At Alma Matthews House in West Village, NYC on October 29-31, 2015, the Student Christian Movement USA will hold a Fall Planning Retreat.

The Student Christian Movement-USA is a grassroots, ecumenical, and progressive Christian organization rooted in the history of US and global student Christian movements and the World Student Christian Federation, one of the oldest organizations in the modern ecumenical history. SCM-USA is dedicated to exploring and deepening the faith of engaged Christian students and young adults, welcoming those who want to explore their relationship to local, national, and international issues from a Christian perspective.


The SCM-USA fall retreat’s main goal is gather key SCM/WSCF leaders, Senior Friends and partners to discern a five years’ strategic plan to further build SCM-USA. Retreat participants will:

1. Review the past 5 years of SCM-USA strategies and organizing since its launch in 2010.

2. Draft a strategic plan for the next 3-5 years by assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and establishing goals and strategies for achievement.

3. Map the ecumenical world in the US, identifying SCM-USA partners and allies in the country, and discern how to engage both current and potential partners in the next phase of movement building.

4. Review the SCM-USA mission statement and solidify our theological and social justice roots to promote movement building.

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