November 3, 2015


November 1st marked the beginning of the new enrollment period for health insurance through the process established by the Affordable Care Act.  General Assembly Resolution 9915 urged all Disciples to support and advocate for "affordable, quality health care for everyone."   Based on this resolution and supportive statements more recently made by our General Minister and President, the Disciples Center for Public Witness has joined with its ecumenical and interfaith partners to promote enrollment among those who are still uninsured.

According to Laird Thomason, the Center's Minister for Health and Wholeness, "Many previously uninsured persons have already obtained affordable, quality health insurance due to the Affordable Care Act.  But a significant portion of the US population remains uninsured.  Our goal is to reach out through our churches and urge uninsured persons to sign up for insurance during this current enrollment period."

More information and resources can be found at  Please publicize this information in your church publications and share with your networks.  The deadline for enrollment is January 31, 2016.

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