December 4, 2015

CANADA: Perspective: What a Liberal Majority Means for Public Justice

By Joe Gunn

The 2015 federal election campaign is now behind us. But what will the new Liberal majority government roll out as its first priorities?

In this election, CPJ focused on democratic reform, poverty in Canada, climate justice, and refugee rights. On all four issues, our members hope to see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau take quick action to fulfill his party’s commitments. But we will also push his new government to fill in the gaps in its platform.

Once again, the triumphant majority party won 100 per cent of federal power, but earned less than 40 per cent of the popular vote. On the question of improvements to the democratic system, CPJ has long favoured moving to a preferential system or a form of proportional representation. Will the 2015 election be, as Mr. Trudeau promised, the last time Canada uses the first-past-the-post system?

CPJ expects our new government to immediately follow through on other campaign promises. Already it has reestablished a functioning long-form census. But it must also emphasize evidence-based decision-making and end the use of omnibus bills to pass legislation. The Liberals also committed to respect women who wear traditional clothing as part of their culture or religion. To stop what they called the “political harassment” of charities, they will need to clarify the rules on defining “political” activities and introduce a new charities law. Read the full article here.

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