December 20, 2015

Deadline for January 1 Coverage Extended

The deadline to sign-up for January 1 coverage has been extended until 11:59pm PST December 17. We saw an unprecedented demand and volume of consumers contacting our call center or visiting leading up to the December 15 deadline. Our goal is to provide access to affordable coverage, and the additional 48 hours will give consumers who were in line an opportunity to come back and complete their enrollment for January 1 coverage.

This extension is one more opportunity to help get the word out about health insurance. HHS just announced a new video featuring people from multiple faith perspectives that you can use in a variety of settings to help give the gift the Health insurance coverage this season. At any one point, you or someone you love will need healthcare coverage. This holiday season, encourage those you are close to you to sign up for healthcare coverage and start this holiday season and the New Year with the gift of a healthier future. The ACA makes it easy to #GetCovered and to find affordable plans and preventive care.

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RT @HealthCareGov: Due to unprecedented demand, we have extended the Dec 15 deadline 48 hours: Dec 17th at 12 AM PST.
RT @HealthCareGov: Over the last two days, about 1million people left their contact information to hold their place in line.
RT @HealthCareGov: Consumers who want Jan 1 coverage will have the opportunity to return to and complete their enrollment. #GetCovered
RT @HealthCareGov: Deadline extended: You now have until Dec 17 to sign up for coverage starting Jan 1 - #GetCovered today!

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