December 20, 2015

Just Women

Disciples Women's Ministries is pleased to announce the theme for the 2016 Just Women magazine ~ Embracing Our Global Sisterhood. A one-year subscription ($19 USA / $24 USD Canada) includes:

• The Winter issue, being written now, will celebrate Disciples creativity and the arts.

• The Bible study issue, due to be mailed in the spring, will offer eight lessons under the title "The Table and Beyond: Lavish Hospitality in the Bible". Orders for non-subscription copies received by January 19, 2016, will ship free. Be sure to select the 'free shipping' option at check-out. As a reminder, this issue sells-out early.

• The Summer issue will feature Mission First! Impacting Lives.

• The Fall issue will discuss the poverty problem and what the church can do about it.

All non-Bible study issues will feature articles and pictures from the participants in the Woman-to-Woman Worldwide 2015 journey to the Middle East, include a free online study guide, and may be purchased separately for $5 (plus S&H) each. The Bible Study is self-contained and sells separately for $12 (plus S&H).

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