December 11, 2015

One Year Later, the Administration Still Ignoring Full Torture Report

December 9th marked the 1st anniversary of the day the executive summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee Torture Report was made public. The Report and its recommendations have already had an impact - leading both Democrats and Republicans in Congress to pass a new law strengthening the ban on CIA torture. The President signed a bill that included this provision on Wednesday, November 25.

With this good news, it's easy to forget that the Senate Intelligence Committee produced a longer, more detailed, 6,000 page version of its report that has not yet been made public. This report was sent to executive branch agencies with a singular purpose - so that the agencies could learn from past mistakes and take steps to ensure that they are not repeated in the future.

Given this, it is shocking that reports indicate that no executive branch agency has yet read, or even opened, their copies of the 6,000 page Torture Report. Instead, they have kept their copies sealed and locked away from all eyes. Why? Because the Department of Justice (DOJ) has asked them to. DOJ lawyers believe that if anyone in the executive branch reads the report, then members of the public might someday prevail in a FOIA lawsuit and the report will be made public.

President Obama can stand up for accountability and the public's right to know. Please call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111 and say:

"I would like President Obama to order all relevant executive branch agencies to read the full Torture Report and develop recommendations for ensuring that torture never happens again. If we do not learn from past mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them."

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