December 20, 2015

Religious Freedom Center Offering Courses on Religious Liberty

by Newseum Institute

The Religious Freedom Center of the Newseum Institute is now accepting applications for 2016 spring and fall semester blended learning courses focused on the history and significance of the religious liberty principles of the First Amendment and the Universal Declaration of Rights.

The curriculum is designed to prepare emerging and current religious leaders for effective civic engagement in a multi-faith society, helping to fill gaps where leaders may have received little or no education about the history and significance of the First Amendment. The inaugural 40-student, spring 2016 classes will be taught through a combination of online videoconferences, inter-active forums and on-site seminars at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

The Religious Freedom Center curriculum, designed by a team of First Amendment and religious studies scholars, will engage students in core questions about the significance and meaning of religious liberty and religion in public life. Classes include “Foundations of Religious Freedom in the United States,” “Religious Liberty and Contemporary American Public Life,” “The Human Right to Freedom of Religion or Belief” and “Religion and News Media.”

The deadline for early decision applications for the spring 2016 semester is Dec. 15, and the general admission deadline is Jan. 3. Classes will be composed of adult learners enrolled in an accredited graduate theological program or who currently serve a religious community. Students may take individual courses or may complete the four course program to earn a Certificate of Religion in Public Life.

For a complete description of the courses and application process, go here.

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