December 4, 2015

What You Can Do for Syrian Refugees

The recent sentiment against refugees is shocking. Over half of US Governors have said that Syrian refugees are not welcome in their states. Currently, there are bills trying to restrict refugee resettlement that are progressing through the House and Senate. Now is a crucial time to speak up and raise our collective voices on behalf of suffering families seeking safety from war. Please consider joining us through the work of our partners in the following ways:

1. Read this Statement, "Not Terrorists; Not Tourists: Refugees are Human Beings," from our Disciples and United Church of Christ Leadership

2. Contact Your Elected Officials:

Inform your US Representatives and Senators (1-866-961-4293), and your Governors that you know that refugees already must pass a sufficiently stringent screening process before they are admitted into our country. Please tell them that we cannot allow these families fleeing violence to suffer any longer: we must welcome them now.

3. Stay Involved:

Please do not be silent about your support for refugees. Share these worship resources from Church World Service in your congregation. Learn about additional ways to help from Refugee and Immigration Ministries, CWS, and Global Ministries.

And remember, Jesus was a refugee!

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