January 16, 2016

EDITORIAL: Stop the Raids

By Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño

We’ve begun another year demonstrating that the only wisdom our U.S. Department of Homeland Security seems to have for addressing the plight of undocumented immigrants is to bully and mistreat them. Now ICE is conducting raids upon homes with sleeping children and their already traumatized mothers; this is no wisdom at all, but it is inhumane and irresponsible. As an American, I am deeply disturbed. As a bishop in The United Methodist Church, I see the faith community renewing its commitment to helping the stranger.

I see people of faith caring for these families from Central America. I have held children, warehoused on the border, their little bodies trembling with fear. The families currently in ICE crosshairs have come to this country because they are fleeing violence, persecution, deadly poverty and are seeking asylum. They are not criminals, they are not here to undermine our society; they are our brothers and sisters on the edge of death. They should be treated as refugees, not as immigration enforcement priorities who are now being hunted like animals in their homes, ripped from their beds and their mother’s arms.

To read the full article on The Hill, click here.

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