April 26, 2016

Announcing the DPF 2016 Peace Interns

The 2016 Peace Interns will begin their work with a training week in Indianapolis on June 1st. They will then spend the summer traveling throughout the church, serving at camps and conferences as counselors and teaching youth people about peace & justice. They will be present at the summer gatherings of the National Convocation, NAPAD, and Obra Hispana, as well as National Youth Event.

We have another exciting announcement coming out in a couple days about two additional partner interns, so watch for more information!

Learn more about the summer intern program at

Matthew Capestro is from Tipton, MO, and a student at Eureka College in Eureka, IL. He is part of two church families, Table of Grace Christian Church in Jefferson City, MO, and First Christian Church in Peoria, IL.

Naiomi Gonzalez is from Bethlehem, PA, and a student at Brite Divinity School. She worships and serves with Refuge at Sanctuary in Fort Worth.

Lexie Ofe is from Montgomery, AL, and a student at Huntingdon College. She is a member of First Christian Church in Montgomery.

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