April 9, 2016

San Juan Archbishop Releases Statement and Calls for Prayers for Congress

As Congressional negotiations intensify around solutions to Puerto Rico's financial crisis, the island's Catholic Archbishop, Roberto Octavio González Nieves, O.F.M. releases the following statement:

"I invite the people of Puerto Rico and all people of faith around the world to join me and pray for the US House of Representatives as they consider action around Puerto Rico.

"We also must pray for Puerto Rico's leaders and creditors to work together to find a solution to the crisis that protects the rights and dignity of all sides.

"Finally we pray that any solutions will ensure that the debt is brought to payable levels, without further sacrifice to our social services. We pray that any solution seeks to reduce child poverty on the island and invest in our people. We pray solutions respect Puerto Rico's democracy." 
Eric LeCompte, sovereign debt expert and executive director of the religious development group Jubilee USA, releases the follow‎ing statement:

"We are pleased by the spirit of cooperation we see among many Republican and Democratic leaders. We are also saddened to see a few lobbyists trying to eliminate debt restructuring provisions and promote more austerity programs.

"There can be no economic growth in Puerto Rico until the debt is brought back to sustainable levels.

"A Congressional solution can only be effective if it promotes budget transparency, reduces child poverty and ensures strong provisions to restructure the debt in a manor that is timely, comprehensive and orderly."

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