April 1, 2016

UPCOMING: Ecumenical Advocacy Days

In this country, communities of color are under siege: named and unnamed black lives are killed each year by police; immigrants are detained and scapegoated; and public displays of discontent and calls for solidarity have too often been met with disregard, suppression or violence. Around the world, decisions that affect the well-being of lives and the entire global economy – one based on continued growth despite the limits to earth’s natural resources and capacity to absorb such growth – are often made in closed boardrooms and in great secrecy.

But as Christians, we believe that leaders and policy makers are called to act and to govern in fairness and with justice for all! Like the persistent widow who demands that the judge hear her plea (Luke 18:1-8), at EAD 2016, we will bring our petitions for justice to Capitol Hill. Like the persistent widow, we will not be silenced.

Come to “Lift Every Voice” on April 15-18, 2016 where people of faith will speak truth to power concerning the suppression of political and economic rights, and the corporate undermining of the local voice of ordinary people in the U.S. and around the world. Through prayer, worship, advocacy training, networking and mobilization with other Christians, we will face the reality of racism, class and power impacting politics and policies and advocate for the liberty of “Every Voice!” – all culminating with EAD’s Congressional Lobby Day on Capitol Hill.

SPECIAL EVENT: All Disciples and UCC are invited to a special Saturday night event that will feature young adults sharing information about their work and experiences in the context of the conference's theme. More information will be available soon.

SPECIAL REQUEST: Please prayerfully consider making a special contribution to help our young adults attend this important conference. You can send your generous contribution to the following address:

Disciples Center for Public Witness
8814 Kensington Parkway #208
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Or you can make an online contribution to the Brian P. Adams Justice Education Fund at

Our young adults--our current and future leaders--rely your generous support.

Thank you and many blessings!

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