May 27, 2016

EDITORIAL: Our Baylor Problem Is Bigger Than Baylor

by Marc Istook (First Christian North Hollywood; Los Angeles, CA)

“It’s easy to blame the treatment of sexual assault victims at Baylor on a collegiate football culture that’s obsessed with winning. But that’s not the real culprit. It’s merely the conduit for a larger problem. Because if we think what happened at Baylor couldn’t (doesn’t?) happen at our school, or job, or city, or place of worship, we’re fooling ourselves. It happens all the time. Every day.” Read the rest here.
Marc Istook grew up at South Hills Christian Church in Fort Worth, TX. He’s a TCU alum and now attends First Christian North Hollywood in Los Angeles. He’s currently the Host of NFL Now. Read his piece about the Baylor sexual assault scandal.

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