May 28, 2016

Refugees Welcome Campaign Launch

The Disciples of Christ is among the 50 national faith and community organizations in the Interfaith Immigration Coalition that recently launched the Refugees Welcome Campaign. The campaign is a response to the increased attention around the Syrian refugee crisis in particular and the recent increase in hateful, anti-refugee political rhetoric. The initiative hopes to show that communities, businesses, faith groups, and political leaders across the United States are ready to welcome all refugees, regardless of their country of origin, religion, or ethnic group.

General Minister and President Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins said, "I have heard countless stories of congregations around the country welcoming refugees through offering donations, uplifting refugee leadership, volunteering at resettlement offices, tutoring English, highlighting refugees in worship, advocating refugee rights, and working hand-in-hand with their community leaders to demonstrate that without a doubt, refugees are welcomed neighbors. In this era of unprecedented numbers of refugees in the world, and unfortunate pushback against them in many areas, World Refugee Day--and indeed every day--provides us with wonderful opportunities to live out God's urging scripture to 'love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.' (Dt. 10:19)"

The campaign will be ongoing, but special events and resources right now are building toward World Refugee Day on June 20. For more information about Disciples Home Mission Refugee and Immigration Ministries, visit the RIM home page.

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