July 14, 2016

New Advocate For Racial Justice Selected By Three Disciples Ministries

In partnership with Disciples Home Missions and Reconciliation Ministries, the Disciples Center for Public Witness today announced that Deirdre Harris-George will, on a part-time basis, serve as their shared Advocate for Racial Justice.

Deirdre also serves as the part-time Executive Assistant to the Regional Minister of the Christian Church Capital Area, where she provides administrative support for the diverse ministries of the region. In addition to administrative and leadership skills, Deirdre has over twenty years of non-profit experience as both a teacher and a social justice advocate. Besides also being a serious history scholar and a married mother of three children, Deirdre is, in her spare time, a jazz singer.

"We are very pleased to welcome someone so knowledgable, talented, and passionate about justice to this new ministry," said Dr. Alvin Jackson, co-founder of the Center and co-president of its Board of Governors. "We are also pleased to share this ministry with our good friends and partners at Disciples Home Missions and Reconciliation Ministries."

As Advocate for Racial Justice, Deirdre will provide a Disciples presence at ecumenical and interfaith gatherings and events, including Congressional visits and briefings, that deal with public policy issues and concerns related to racial justice.

She will also help staff followup activities arising from the 2015 Conversation about Disciples and Race organized by the Disciples Center for Public Witness, hosted by National City Christian Church in Washington, DC, and attended by Disciples leaders and advocates from around the nation. This followup includes both the promotion of similar conversations in other contexts and the formation of a small group of leaders and activists who will, from the perspective of Black Lives Matter, examine how the church might have a stronger, more focused, and more prophetic public witness on racial justice.

"We are pleased to be a partner in this extremely important shared ministry," said Ron Degges, President of Disciples Home Missions. "We look forward to working closely with Reconciliation Ministries and the Disciples Center for Public Witness to promote a greater commitment to racial justice in the social witness of our church and in the public policies of both the United States and Canada."

"We see this as a natural extension of our antiracism work into the area of justice advocacy in the public square," said April Johnson, Director of Reconciliation Ministries. "One of our goals is to prioritize racial justice as a primary and shared concern of the diverse voices of prophetic witness within our denomination."

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