September 16, 2016

9 Ways Your Church Can Participate in the Elections

From Bread for the World:

Congregations are where most of us as Christians nurture our faith, and it’s from organized communities of faith that much of the ministry of the Church is carried out. As such, congregations are an ideal place from which hunger activists can engage in this year’s election. Voting and being involved during an election season, some of the open parts of our democratic process, are part of our stewardship of the gifts God gave us.

Below are 9 ways congregations can be involved to help get the U.S. government on track in 2017 toward the goal of ending hunger by 2030. This is a goal that Bread has been working toward along with many other organizations, both secular and faith-based.Bread wants all candidates to:
make ending hunger and poverty by 2030 a legislative priority
make her/his position on these issues public
commit to meeting with Bread leaders within 30 days of being elected

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