September 16, 2016

ACTION ALERT: Email Your Senators: Zika and Flint Water Funding Vote on Monday

From the Coalition on Human Needs:

Zika Emergency Funding, funds to continue government operations past September 30, and the Water Resources Development Act of 2016 could be voted on as early as Monday. Tell your Senators to support these critical pieces of legislation. We thank our friends at People Demanding Action and the People’s Budget Campaign for creating this easy action – please Email your Senators now!

As of this writing , over 19,000 Americans have been diagnosed with Zika virus – over 16,000 in the territories, and more than 3,000 in the states and DC. Most alarmingly, 671 pregnant women in the states and another 1,080 in the territories have been diagnosed with Zika and are being followed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s possible that as many or more people are infected and unaware of their status, since 80% of Zika cases cause no symptoms.

Biotechnology researchers will be forced to abandon Zika projects if the U.S. government cannot demonstrate a commitment to funding research and development . Nonprofit organizations are doing everything they can, but it is not enough. Only the federal government has the resources to step in and fund these efforts adequately.

Water Resource Development Act of 2016 (S 2848)
Assistance is provided to states with emergency public health threats associated with lead or other contaminants in a public drinking water supply system. The Department of Justice and the inspector general of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must report on the status of any ongoing investigations into the government's response to the drinking water contamination in Flint, Michigan. This bi-partisan bill provides $220 million for Flint, Michigan and other cities to begin rebuilding their water infrastructure and to provide water testing in schools and child care centers.

Zika is spreading and the people of Flint have waited long enough for a solution to their water crisis. Email your Senators and tell them to vote for funding to stop the Zika emergency and provide safe drinking water for the people of Flint. Both Zika and the Flint water crisis have a major impact on women and children.

Please note that the description on the webpage also mentions an amendment by Senator Bernie Sanders to bar further construction on the Dakota Access pipeline until an environmental impact statement is completed. CHN does not have a position on this issue; it is not mentioned in the letter text you would be sending, although you are free to edit the text before sending.

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