September 23, 2016

Climate Change and Voting

By Green Chalice

This election is critical in determining how our country will respond to the climate crisis and the commitments we made to the rest of the world in Paris.

As people of faith, we believe that responding to the urgent threat of climate change is essential to caring for God's creation and loving our neighbors.

The United States, a wealthy nation with vast resources, has a unique responsibility to show moral and political leadership by:

Transitioning from dependency on fossil fuels toward a clean energy economy.

Honoring the emissions-reduction commitments our nation made at the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris in 2015, and taking additional actions needed to avert catastrophic global warming.

Assisting developing nations - who are least responsible for climate change but most impacted by it - in coping with threats such as increased droughts, floods and sea-level rise by sharing clean energy technology and other supports.

From Interfaith Power and Light 2016 Voter Guide.

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