September 16, 2016

End Occupation in the Holy Land, Urge Faith Leaders at Joint NCC/WCC Consultation

From National Council of Churches:

At a joint consultation on the Holy Land, the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA released a statement calling for an end to the denial of rights and generations of suffering in the Holy Land.

More than 60 representatives of churches and church-related organizations from around the world gathered 12-14 September in Virginia (USA) to discuss the unresolved conflict in Israel and Palestine.

“We have particularly valued the participation of Palestinian, Native American, and South African Christians who have shared their insights and lived experience,” the statement read.

Those gathered insisted that the cycle of violence must be broken. “We call for an end to the occupation and the illegal extension of settlements on occupied land, with all its grave and deteriorating dimensions for the Palestinian people, but also for Israel and the whole region beyond,”the statement read.

The full statement by the NCC and WCC General Secretaries can be found here.

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