September 23, 2016

Tell Congress Not to Ban Refugees

By Matt Hawthorne, Policy Director, National Religious Campaign Against Torture

This week began with sorrow as bombs were found in New York area neighborhoods, one of which injured many innocent people. In our grief though, we do not want to forget others who have also suffered from violence. The conflict in Syria has displaced millions of people. Millions more are currently displaced by violence in other parts of the world. We are in the midst of the worst refugee crisis since World War II. These people need our help.

Unfortunately, some of our politicians are attempting to slam our doors shut in the face of those seeking refuge. Refugees have been compared to poisonous "skittles" and some in Congress have called for including a provision banning refugees in the continuing resolution currently being debated in Congress that will fund government for the next few months.

Please write to your Members of Congress today and tell them that you believe our country should welcome those fleeing torture and other violence.

Please write now – now is a critical time for refugees who face violence and persecution in their home countries, and political scapegoating in our country. We must not leave them to stand alone.

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