September 23, 2016

The Power of Moving Together

By Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

From Repairers of the Breach

On Monday, we worked together, organized together, and stood together to do something historic.

In 30 state capitols and the District of Columbia, rabbis, imams, priests and preachers stood with people impacted by unjust policies to declare, in one voice, that some issues are not liberal or conservative, but right versus wrong.

I was in tears as I watched hundreds of news stories come in from across the country, and saw the faces of so many impacted persons and moral leaders through images and videos shared on Twitter. In fact, I learned during our press conference in Raleigh that our coordinated actions was the highest trending topic on Twitter through the #MoralDayofAction, #MoralRevial, and #MoralAgenda hashtags.

Historians told us before Monday that this had never happened before - interfaith clergy and impacted people coming together in a simultaneous action in state capitols across the country. Our organizers knew we were involved in something historic. One thing is certain: You made this happen.

State-based coalitions across the country made this happen. You stepped into the truth and showed that we have the power to move together and reframe the moral conversation to focus on economic justice, criminal justice reform, equality in education, healthcare access for all, and equal protection under the law.

Now, we need your help to fulfill the next two declarations in this movement:

1. We need you to organize and get to the polls and vote for candidates who will embrace a moral agenda! If you believe in your community, in your neighbors, and in the heart of this nation, you cannot sit this election or any election out! Sister Simone Campbell and our friends at NETWORK have put together these election resources. We will also keep updating our action page with tools to help support your efforts.

2. We call on rabbis, imams, priest, pastors, and other clerics to preach and teach about the moral agenda. We must work together to reframe the moral conversation in our local communities. Economic justice, criminal justice reform, equality in education, healthcare access for all, equal protection under the law - these are the moral issues of our time! Please preach and teach about these issues on at least two weekends (if not every weekend) between now and the November election.

I was reminded on Monday about Dr. King's urging us to organize and make change from the grassroots up. So I am heading back to North Carolina to get out the vote and continue to preach and teach on the moral declaration in my state. We need your help to mobilize people of faith and moral courage to do the same in your respective states too!

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