September 16, 2016

UPCOMING: Webinar on the Middle East Initiative

Carol Brown has lived in Canada, the United States, Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey and has worked in high risk obstetrics, pediatrics, community nursing and hospice care. Since 2014 Carol has volunteered at Istanbul Interparish Migrant Program, IIMP, providing medical assessment, education and referrals to refugees. In May 2016 she became coordinator of the program.

Carol will speak on the programs and work of IIMP, faithfully serving the vulnerable for 25 years. While much of the world identifies the refugee and migrant crisis with the tragedy of Syria, the work of the IIMP opens up windows into the extraordinary struggles of ordinary people from more than 40+ countries in Asia and Africa who come through the program, and the daunting challenges of caring for those who are most vulnerable.

Click here to register for the the webinar on Monday, Sept 19, 2016.

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