October 7, 2016

Disciples Peace Fellowship Report

By Mary Jacobs

Members of the Disciples Peace Fellowship Executive Committee met Sept. 12-14 to focus on the call of keeping alive the passion for peace and justice among Disciples in this time. Conversations centered on a living vision that considers new definitions of war and violence and a call to reflect on how peacemaking is central to our faith and mission as Christians.

This summer's DPF Peace Internship program added a new dimension when DPF and Global Ministries entered into a partnership to bring two Palestinian women to serve as peace

interns as part of the Global Ministries focus on the Middle East. This kind of partnership was created for face- to-face opportunities for new understanding of the issues of peace and justice in Israel and Palestine. The committee received the full report describing the role and the impact that the five peace interns had as they participated in Disciples Regional youth camps, the National Youth Event in Florida, and racial/ethnic ministry gatherings.

Members include: Rebecca Littlejohn, Chrissy Stonebraker-Martinez, Kathryn Russell, Laura Phillips, Sarahann Callaway, John Brock, Mary Jacobs, Cathy Nichols, and Phoebe Spier, DPF Peace Intern Coordinator.

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