January 27, 2017

From NRCAT: Faith Leaders Make Case Against Torture as Mike Pompeo Voted in as CIA Director

In a recent op-ed in The Christian Post, Rev. Ron Stief, executive director of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, laid out the Christian case against torture and stressed the importance of the fact that while under oath, Trump Administration nominees stood opposed to torture. During his confirmation hearings, CIA Director nominee Mike Pompeo made clear his view that torture is illegal.

Rev. Stief had this to say about the Senate’s vote to confirm Pompeo’s nomination:

“Director Pompeo has affirmed that he understands that torture is illegal. We hope that he holds to that position as CIA Director and we pray that he also understands that torture is immoral. Jesus himself was a victim of state-sponsored torture – and it is something that people of all faiths, and indeed all people, have a duty to oppose.”

Almost 100,000 Christians signed a petition opposing torture on moral grounds in advance of the Senate vote on Director Pompeo. Rev. Stief said:

“During their confirmation hearings, nominees Senator Sessions (Attorney General), General Mattis (Defense), General Kelly (Homeland Security), Rex Tillerson (State Department), and Rep. Pompeo (CIA) all were asked about torture and affirmed their absolute opposition to it.”

In his The Christian Post op-ed, Rev. Stief wrote:

“[Christians] should understand best that God never asks us to respond to evil and darkness with more of the same. Jesus’ example and teachings that compelled so many Christians to speak out against torture do not come from a place of weakness, but from the greatest strength.”

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