July 29, 2017

The Fight for Health Care Access Continues. . . A Message from Dr. William Barber II

Disciples activists Dr. Laird Thomason and Dr. William Barber II join other people of faith on the Senate lawn to draw attention to the many people who would suffer and die if health care was denied to them because of a repeal of the Affordable Care Act.
This week, faith and moral leaders rose up to resist the egregious assault on health care being led by extremists in the White House and U.S. Congress. While we came from many traditions, we spoke in one voice about the dignity of every human life and the fundamental moral principle that all should have access to consistent, affordable and quality health care.

I met many persons impacted by health care access. I want to especially thank disability justice activist who were the first to initiate civil disobedience, which inspired our activism in Washington.

For weeks Repairers of the Breach worked alongside impacted persons and D.C. moral activist to organize protest and rallies, which resulted in over 50 arrest. I am writing to thank you for your support in Washington and across the country standing up for health care.

While extremists lost in their effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, this fight is not over. Until we have a single payer system with universal coverage for all we must keep organizing. The fight for access to care is a fight for the soul of America.

We cannot turn back now. Thank you for everything you do to support this movement.

Forward Together, not one step back!

On behalf of people of faith for health care, Disciples activist Dr. William Barber II presents a pro-healthcare statement to New Jersey Senator Cory Booker who later read it into the record on the Senate floor.  Standing beside Senator Booker is Leslie Copeland Tune, Director of the Ecumenical Poverty Initiative, a ministry of the Disciples Center for Public Witness shared with the ecumenical community.

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