October 7, 2017

"A Prayer for Our Nation"

"A Prayer for Our Nation" by Rev. Kathleen K. Moore, a member of the Board of Governors of the Disciples Center for Public Witness. Read the letter below:

Prayer for our Nation, October 4, 2017

God of Justice and Love…

Thank you for holding our anguished hearts; for being our breath without which we might suffocate.

Despite our ravaged world, we find our thanks, knowing that into our pain and sorrow you burrow your words; so deeply that they become our cry. You strengthen us for Your justice work, which is our calling. We pray that it will be so.

Las Vegas rises to our throats as the images implant and replay. We cry like our ancestors, “how long O God?” Fifty-eight innocents slain… Oh how we pray for each one today, deep in our hearts… and for all who knew and loved them. Our Savior wept for these innocents; he weeps for us still. Grant us energy and passion that we might draw ourselves up and become the force required for change. Let us not stop with our anguish and our prayers. Give us courage to confront the injustices that create hatred. Help us to listen and to act. Into our democratic system may we advocate endlessly for justice and righteousness; love and mercy.

For the struggling people of Puerto Rico, we pray. And especially that a cry for your justice rises into the halls of power and releases needed aid like an everflowing stream. Send us, O God, to help rebuild and restore. May we envision new ways to stand in the breach and create goodwill. And help us to change the political heartlessness that sees our Island brothers and sisters as second class citizens. forgive the trespasses of all of us who see desperation and consider we cannot make a difference.

You teach us what must be done for peace to prevail. Yet we remain so polarized; our democracy shakes to the foundations. We cannot agree on the truth. Lies are flourishing, confusing and derailing intentions and justice. Help us to know Your truth and the ways to truly live it in these days. Strengthen us to dismantle policies and systems which enslave and harass. Multiply our voices that goodwill infiltrates our land. Help us to be the hearts and minds that draw others to the Light.

We seek your justice, O God, and to know how best to bring it about. Forgive any complacency that leads to inaction. Remind us that our voice matters; that Your voice transforms. Your justice requires many things from us: fearless passion and prophetic courage. Give us the will to accomplish it.

Remind us of your beloved Son, who sacrificed so that we might forever walk the path of peace. Jesus came to heal and to save. Give us strength to venture out of our comfort. May the cries of the vulnerable and dying reach through a resilient exterior to at-one-ment. Help us replace our priorities.

We pray in the spirit of Your endless Love which makes all things whole, even us. Amen.

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