December 15, 2017

IWJ Took Prophetic Action Against Efforts to Increase Poultry Line Speeds

Interfaith Worker Justice took prophetic action against both Nabisco and the Trump Administration’s efforts to increase poultry line speeds. 

Both Disciples Center for Public Witness and Disciples Justice Action Network are part of the IWJ coalition.

Poultry Action

IWJ led the "Today" section of Politico's Morning Shift yesterday. Scroll down to "Today" or search "Interfaith Worker Justice" on the page to find the blurb.

"Coalition to protest increased poultry line speeds" - Meat and Poultry magazine 

Nabisco Action 

VIDEO - Telemundo 

"Plan tributario de Trump podría acelerar cierre de fábricas en EEUU, advierten activistas" - El Diario (reprinted in La Raza and La Opinión)

"Trump Lamented Loss of Oreo Jobs to Mexico. His Tax Bill Could Make More Jobs Go South." - The American Prospect

And finally, the media firm that works with BCTGM put their press release out via PRNewswire (a paid press release distributor) which resulted in the republishing of that press release in 45 industry or financial blurbs in local newspapers.

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