December 15, 2017

We Must Stand with the Gwich’in People and All Americans to Protect the Arctic Refuge

The House and Senate leadership have now agreed in principle to a tax bill that would be disastrous to the social safety net and would also include opening up the Arctic Refuge to destructive oil and gas drilling. Now it’s up to us to make sure both chambers do not move forward with another reckless and harmful attack on God’s creation and the American people.

Exploiting the Arctic Refuge flies in the face of longstanding bipartisan efforts to protect America’s wildest landscape and the Gwich’in native people against the oil and gas industry. We cannot let Congress rubber stamp an agenda that does irreversible damage to the iconic Arctic Refuge and the Gwich’in people.

Call your member of Congress and tell him/her to vote against any tax bill that threatens the Arctic Refuge with harmful oil and gas drilling.

Senate: 1-888-885-1748 (Call twice to reach both Senators)
House of Representatives: 1-888-422-4555

Our nation's fiscal morality is lately being driven by politics, partisan pressure, and the relentless demands of the wealthiest political donors. We must continue to remind members of Congress that budgets are moral documents and that our faith demands that they be fair and just. Priority must be given to the most vulnerable who deserve compassion. We cannot allow a tax bill that does harm to our earth and allows for tax cuts for the rich on the backs of the least of these.

Opening the Arctic Refuge to drilling is just one of the detrimental side effects this bill contains. It will do nothing to benefit our nation’s economy. On the contrary, passage of the Senate Tax bill will only boost profits for oil industry executives, resulting in devastating impacts to people and planet alike. People across the country will not accept the squandering of God’s creation and one of our nation’s greatest natural treasures. We cannot stand by and let a tax bill pass that harms both the earth and the most vulnerable Americans.

TELL Your House Member to REJECT any Tax Bill that opens the Arctic Refuge to drilling.

Senate: 1-888-885-1748 (Call twice to reach both Senators)
House of Representatives: 1-888-422-4555

The key tenets of our faith are based on social, economic and environmental justice. We must continue to speak out against immoral legislation.

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