February 14, 2018


First . . . Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Second . . . Don’t forget that today is also Ash Wednesday.

Third . . . Thank you for sharing with us your passion for justice.

Today:  Call your Senators and Representative:  202-224-3121.
Tell them to Protect DREAMers and Keep Families Together!

It is critical that all Senators hear from their constituents right now. Call today to urge them to reject the Secure and Succeed Act and instead pass the Dream Act or another bipartisan, permanent solution that offers a pathway to citizenship for the whole dreamer population and protects family reunification, such as the USA Act,  which is narrowly tailored to protect as many dreamers as possible and includes a data-driven approach to accountable border security and emphasizes the importance of consultation with border communities.

Show some love for our volunteers, activists, advocates, and staff.
Please give sacrificially:

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c/o Disciples Home Missions
PO Box 1986
Indianapolis, IN  46206

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